UPDATE: Male Winter Program, U14 & U16 Matches Sat 9th Sep
Date of Event : Fri Sep 8, 2017 4:30PM

Please note that the MALE U14 & U16 Winter Program practice matches will go ahead as scheduled tomorrow, Saturday 9th September 2017.

If rain persists throughout the night and into the morning a decision on whether the matches proceed or not will be left with the coaching group at each ground.

Please note the following important information:


  • All players are requested to bring their own lunch as there will be no subway tomorrow.


  • Oval #2 at Glen Orden is not available due to ground works.


  • 1 x U14 match will take place at Glen Orden Oval #1 & the second match will take place at Galvin Park Oval #2 (back left oval as you drive in).


  • U14 Players required at Galvin Park #2 are as follows:

Akmal Rajudin

Alexander Kopievsky

Bol Atem

Brodie Holden

Dion Sakkas

Elliott Treherne

Eric Britnell

Farzan Chowna

Finlay Cowell

Harish Suresh

Jack Boyd

Jacob Welsh

Jake Whybrow

Jayant Rawat

Josh Devlin

Kobe Cikala

Nathan Havard

Raj Nand

Reece Blackman

Sai Vaddepalli

Spencer Wray

Tanishk Sirohi

Traveen Pandithakoralege

Varad Chaudhari

The remaining U14 players are required at Glen Orden as per last week.

As was the case last week, players are to arrive at the ground by 9am.

Parents are requested to organise adequate food and drink for the day and ensure you have folding chair/camping chairs for players involved at Galvin Park.


Ground Addresses:

Galvin Park, Shaws Rd, Werribee

Glen Orden Sports Club, 53 Kookaburra Avenue, Werribee





Last updated: Friday September 8, 2017 4:34PM